Prepare yourself for this brand new age of fighting game with never before seen mechanics!  Download the game and play with some friends.  Gamepads support included.  Check out our social media pages to.


What's Battle Cross FEVER?

Unique fighting game featuring many of the stars you love.  Play up to 18 players in VS. or Co-op Story mode (Still in the works).  Play on exciting action Stages fighting on Rails, Snowboards, and much more.  Online and Story still in development.

Netplay with Parsec Gaming

Download Parsec Gaming to play local games such as Cup Head, Battle Cross FEVER, and many other games over the internet.  CLICK  HERE..

Play it at SAGE 2018

Currently getting Co-op / Bots and polishing online.  Local Multiplayer is fully functional.  Help us find bugs.  Access training mode hitting PAGE DOWN.